In-Space Manufacturing



New facilities
New facilities support new initiatives and businesses in their development, offering technical expertise, advice on business cases, and exposure to the broader space resources community.

ESA, LSA, and the Luxembourg Institute of Science and Technology (LIST) jointly launched the European Space Resources Innovation Centre (ESRIC) in 2020, furthering European ambitions in the field of space resources. This new centre will support European space resource activities in four areas: Research and Development (R&D), Knowledge, Community, and Business.

ESRIC will provide key pieces of equipment for R&D, such as ground demonstrators for advancing research on oxygen extraction and a large dirty thermal vacuum chamber for testing and increasing the technology readiness of planetary rover and payload systems as well as their subsystems.

ESRIC also aims at developing new business opportunities through a Startup Support Program. It will also create commercial partnerships with established companies. These new commercial opportunities provided by space resources will foster innovation for European industries and research institutions.

The Sample Analogue Curation Facility (SACF)

in Harwell, United Kingdom, has been made accessible to industry and academia. It will provide expertise on extra-terrestrial simulant materials, which are required in the development of most ISRU technology and processes

The LUNA facility

in Cologne, Germany, will offer a unique testbed for developing and testing tools and operations together with astronauts.