On April 8th 2022, commercial service provider SpacePharma will be launching to the ESA ISS Columbus Module aboard the 1st all-private astronaut Axiom Space mission.

The SpacePharma ICE Cube (SPIC) will be installed in the ICE Cubes Facility by our ESA Commercial Partner ICE Cubes Service and hosts three investigations by private companies.

Aleph Farms

Aleph Farms is investigating in-situ cultivated meat in microgravity for future space exploration missions and potential benefits back on Earth.


AMORPHICAL is studying the use of Amorphous Calcium Carbonate to improve bone and muscle cell growth during space travel.

Living in space for longer periods of time is a very challenging endeavour for human beings due to the substantial and continuous deterioration of muscle and bone structures. Amorphical Ltd. explores an effective nutritional and therapeutic solution for this problem that may aid and advance long-term missions to the moon, Mars and beyond.

The results were unequivocal: despite living in conditions of gravity, along with the high radiation in space, the tissues fed the amorphous carbonate were not damaged or lost mass, and vice versa – they grew just as they are supposed to develop on the ground.

Amorphical CEO Yossi Ben notes that “the success of the experiment changes the picture regarding long-term settlement in space. As we delve deeper into experiments based on calcium amorphous calcium, we discover more effects in the field of inflammatory diseases and bone and muscle problems.”

CADW Therapeutics

CADW Therapeutics looks at the stress and DNA damage response during spaceflight.


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