Commercial activities completed in 2022

Commercial partners have with support from BSGN successfully executed several commercial activities in the reporting period of 2022 including:


High-quality protein crystallisation in the ISS
(JP plus PIs from FR, HU, ES, US)

‘SpaceOMIX’ Maleth I

Analysis of the Skin Microbiome of Diabetic Foot Ulcers in the ISS

‘SpaceOMIX’ Maleth II

Follow-up mission to validate findings of Maleth I

‘AI-Box’ by SpaceApps

Supporting the performance of a wide range of activities onboard the ISS

‘Media-Set’ assembly by SpaceApps 

Real-time communication with ISS for commercial players

‘SPIC#1’ and #2 by SpacePharma

Human health and pharmaceutical research

‘Code4Space’ by Roberta Initiative

Primary school competition to send experiment to ISS