Creating an ecosystem for commercial services and products to thrive.

We support the emergence of the new economic market in LEO and Lunar Orbit by intensifying collaboration with markets, facilitating the engagement of new actors and stimulating demand in an effort to develop new products and services based on commercially-viable business models.

Space as Driver for Industrial Innovation

Make use of exploration infrastructure to offer unique commercial services and enable the development of new products for use on Earth and in Space.

Launchpad for Your Ideas

The BSGN is providing tools to help project teams that can make use of the space environment to develop products and services with commercial value.

We are convinced that a successful project depends on the ability of project teams to

  • Gather the technical or business know-how required to deliver the end-to-end project
  • Prepare sales- and marketing activities necessary to sell their product(s)
  • Focus on commercial viability and customer-oriented design
  • Find the right partners to complement their team
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Assemble the right team and selection of implementation partners to make your mission a success. Use our search and filters to identify and contact partners.


An Initiative of the European Space Exploration Programme (E3P)

The Business in Space Growth Network was launched to support the development of commercial market for services and applications in LEO and beyond.

It is part of the Terrae Novae programme known as the European Space Exploration Envelope Programme (E3P). The programme is implemented by the Directorate for Human and Robotic Exploration (HRE).

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The BSGN is based at the European Space Technology Research Center (ESTEC), in Noordwijk, the Netherlands, ESTEC is the largest ESA site, where most ESA projects are born and where they are guided through the various phases of development.

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