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The Bartolomeo platform allows for payload hosting outside the International Space Station (ISS)l, offering an all-in-one mission service.

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Airbus Bartolomeo on ISS

ICE Cubes Service

ICE Cubes Service is a simple and cost-effective way for your experiment or technology to fly onboard the International Space Station

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ICE Cubes Commercial Cube

Yuri Microgravity

Yuri Microgravity develops fully automated micro-labs the size of a wallet and launch them in behalf of scientists to the ISS.

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Space Rider

Space Rider is a reusable uncrewed robotic laboratory which allows to conduct experiments in Low Earth Orbit and return payloads on Earth.

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Space Rider

Bioreactor Express Service

Bioreactor Express is a service which aims to establish an “express” way to perform scientific and/or technological experiments on board the International Space Station (ISS).

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KUBIK Incubator Facility

Lunar Pathfinder

Lunar Pathfinder is the first communication relay satellite around the Moon providing communication services to lunar missions.

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Lunar Pathfinder

Goonhilly Deep Space Communication

Goonhillly’s ground station is supporting the exploration of Lunar and Deep Space for institutions and private enterprise.

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Goonhilly Ground Station


The mission of Space Pharma is to leverage the miniaturized microgravity lab technology, enabling unprecedented possibilities to develop new drugs in Space. All this at a fraction of the cost, with hi

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SpacePharma Cover

Space Forge

Space Forge is transforming return from space to enable revolutionary products, for the benefit of humanity.

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Space Forge Cover Picture

NYX | The Exploration Company

The Exploration Company develops, manufactures and operates Nyx, a modular and reusable orbital vehicle that can eventually be refuelled in orbit. The technical bricks of Nyx are built with open inter

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Nyx Exploration Company

ispace Lunar Transportation and Exploration Services

ispace provides low-cost, high-frequency transportation services to the Moon (orbit & surface).

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Ispace Lunar Transportation and Exploration Services

Payload delivery on the Moon

Lunar Logistics Services (LLS) and Astrobotic offer payload delivery to the Moon, from pick-up to delivery of the payload to the lunar surface.

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Payload Delivery for the Moon

Lunar Payload Delivery Service

Space Applications Services & Intuitive Machines offer end-to-end lunar payload delivery service, surface mobility, operation and lunar data network services.

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Airbus CLTV Module Mission Support Use Cases

Commercial Space Access

Do you plan a project in space? These companies offer space access as a commercial service.

Space engineering and hardware

Engineering & Tech Development

These services help you design and build your payload and related technology.

Goonhilly Ground Station

Ground Stations & Antennas

Find ground-based mission support services that to make your mission a success.

Scientific innovation

Science & Research

These organisations can support you with the scientific and research related tasks involved with your space mission.