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Service Description


ispace inc. is a lunar exploration company founded in 2010, providing services to government agencies and private partners. With locations in the U.S., Japan, and Luxembourg, ispace is positioned to be a global leader in the exploration and development of the lunar economy. In 2022 we became the first fully private company to successfully launch a lander to the Moon.

Lunar Transportation and Exploration Services by ispace provides low-cost, high-frequency transportation services to the Moon (orbit & surface).

By challenging conventional processes and adopting agile development methods, the company speeds up development and reduces costs, while maintaining quality. The reduced mass of the Series 1 lander, allows their missions to ride as a secondary payload on a rocket, dramatically decreasing launch costs.

ispace Europe manufactures the smallest and lightest planetary rovers in the world providing flexible mobility services.

Transportation Services to Lunar Orbit & Surface and Mobility on the Surface

ispace expects to launch its Mission 2 to the Moon in 2024, which will carry its in-house developed rover, which is under development at ispace Europe, among other payloads.

Mission 2, 3, and beyond will build upon the technology and experiences of our Mission 1 launched in 2022.

We provide transportation services to lunar orbit, the lunar surface, and mobility on the surface.

The small, robotic lunar landers and lunar rovers are designed to provide low-cost, high-frequency transportation of customer payloads to the Moon (instruments, supplies, etc):

  • Series 1: 30kg design payload capacity to the surface
  • Series 2: 500kg design payload capacity to the surface (2mT in orbit)

The rover, developed by ispace Europe, will capture its surroundings with the help of multiple cameras and will offer payload capacity for applications requiring mobility on the lunar surface.

Ispace rover
Ispace rover

Lunar Transportation and Exploration Services Potential Use Cases

Exploration & Resources industries:

Identifying locations of interest, testing and deploying resources utilisation technologies.


Enabling energy production technology testing, demonstration and deployment (solar, hydrogen, nuclear, etc).


Testing, demonstration and deployment of infrastructure including habitats, landing pads, safety berns and roads.


Collecting environmental data about the Moon for the development of future large-scale human and robotic projects.

Life Sciences & Agriculture:

Conducting research in the lunar environment on a wide range of topics supporting life science research and the development of food production on the Moon.

  • Cell culture devices
  • Food production in space
  • Telescopes
  • Electrolysis devices
  • Crystallisation devices

Communications & Navigation: 

Testing, demonstration and deployment of communications and navigation technology.

Entertainment & Partnerships: 

ispace missions are an opportunity to collect high-resolution images and videos of the Moon that can be used for commercial, and entertainment purposes. They can also transport products to the Moon, creating a unique narrative for branding and marketing.

  • Cameras
  • Images and videos
  • Art pieces
  • Commercial products


ispace has experience in working with space and non-space industries on a wide range of topics. ispace is a partner for any actor interested in expanding their business opportunities to the Moon.


The Lunar Transportation and Exploration Services ispace business team will work alongside customers to tailor the payload transportation opportunity to their needs.

The ispace lander and rover platforms use standard interfaces, and multiple payload accommodation options are available to minimize the need for customisation of the customer’s payload.

Example Projects & Success Cases


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