LEO Economy

Low-Earth Orbit (LEO) is becoming more and more accessible to commercial entities, allowing them to provide commercial services and develop products in space. Facilities on the International Space Station (ISS), Space Rider, and future destinations such as the Lunar Gateway provide the world’s most unique laboratory and work place to private industry.

Lunar Economy

The Moon is not moving closer to Earth, but with the Lunar Gateway and an increasing number of commercial missions being in the pipeline, we are moving closer to the Moon! The Lunar Pathfinder Commercial Partnership will be providing the first commercial lunar mission support services around the Moon, supporting future missions from both public and private actors. Prospective habitats on the Moon open up the possibility for cargo and resupply missions, infrastrucutre, construction, resource and mining operations alongside production of consumables.


Don’t be fooled by the distance to Mars – even if there is limited potential for a commercial market developing around our red neighbor, there is potential for commercial contributions. Think of technology-transfer and mission support services.

About BSGN

We aim to create an ecosystem in which commercial projects and services can strive.

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About Terra Novae

Europe’s Space Exploration Programme unites 22 Member States to go where noone has gone before.

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