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Service Description


The Lunar Payload Delivery Services by Space Applications Services NV with Intuitive Machines LLC is an end-to-end payload delivery, surface mobility, operation and lunar data network services. The service provides rapid, low cost, flexible delivery of payloads to any point on the lunar surface, to lunar orbit and to trans lunar injection.

From 2024 an annual mission cadence is expected.

We are taking bookings for lunar payloads and surface mobility in 2027 to the Gruithuisen Domes region.

The Lunar Payload Delivery Service Use Cases

Lunar Access

The Lunar Access Services provide a reliable and affordable means for governments to explore, companies to develop, and individuals to place an object in cislunar space or on the lunar surface.

Satellite Delivery & Rideshare

The lunar transfer orbit delivery service can accommodate up to 1,000 kg of payload and deliver customers into a myriad of high-energy orbits. The payloads are deployed after launch vehicle separation as well as from lunar orbit.

Lunar Surface Mobility – LUVMI rover

Up to 40kg of payload with traverses in excess of 10km and visits to permanently shaded regions (PSR). A droppable payload capability and access to difficult locations with LUVMI’s propellable payload range 50m.

Lunar Surface Mobility – Micro Nova (µNova)

The services meet the demands of science and technology by providing extreme lunar mobility with µNova (Micro Nova) Hopper. µNova is a propulsive drone that deploys off of a Nova-C lander and hops across the lunar surface on the IM-2 mission. The µNova Hopper can accommodate up to 1 kg of science payloads and expand the exploration footprint to 25 km from the initial landing location. µNova can also hop into and out of permanently shaded regions, providing a first look into undiscovered areas that may provide the critical science insights.

Lunar data network

The Lunar Data Network (LDN) is a private and secure network that supports missions and can meet future cislunar market needs. LDN supports line-of-sight and data relay services for spacecraft in cislunar space and systems on the lunar surface. LDN comprises a control center, global ground stations, base-band units installed at each ground station, and lunar data relay satellites.

Lunar Tracking, Telemetry, and Command Network (LTN)

Comprised of ground stations strategically located worldwide, the Lunar Tracking, Telemetry, and Command (TT&C) Network (LTN) provides continuous line-of-sight communications with the Moon. The network includes ground stations worldwide to support S-band, X-band, and Ka-band uplink and downlink.

Data relay (Khon)

Access to Intuitive Machines Data Relay Satellites (Khon) support continuous data relay services in cislunar space and for lunar surface systems.

Mission Control, Rover Control and Payload Operations

Lander Mission Control is the nerve center of the mission operations. The consortia offers mission support services directly under its control for customers. Rover and payload operations coordination is performed in Europe or the USA.

Orbital services

In addition it offers space orbital services that can repair, refuel and raise the orbits of existing satellites. This includes optical navigation, rendezvous and proximity operations, and robotic mechanisms to satellite delivery, satellite servicing, debris removal, and Space Environment awareness in orbits from LEO out to cis-lunar space.

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Payloads interface with lander, rover and hopper are using common standards. Don’t hesitate to contact the consortia for further mission specific information.

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