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Service Description


The Bartolomeo platform, attached to the European Columbus Module of the International Space Station (ISS), is the station’s newest payload hosting platform. Starting from payload sizes as small as 3U, Airbus hosts payloads on Bartolomeo as an all-in-one mission service: this includes technical support in preparing the payload, launch and installation, operations and data transfer as well as an optional return to Earth.

Payload slots are now available for booking – while capacity lasts.

  • Affordable, fast and easy access to Space 
  • Scalability of missions 
  • Launch opportunities every three months 
  • Easy, streamlined process 
  • Best viewing conditions and highest data downlink rates available on the ISS 
  • Return of payloads/samples as an option 

A Unique External Platform for Unique Projects

  • Direct control of the experiments from the ground 
  • Possibility of retrieving samples
  • Unobstructed view of Earth and space 
  • Pressurized launch of payloads 
  • Payload or sample return option 
  • Active cooling capability 
  • Easy access through standardized payload interfaces 
  • Enhanced data downlink budget for its payloads. 
  • Slot sharing (via ArgUS Multi-Payload Adapter)
  • Competitive prices to dedicated LEO satellite missions
  • Minimum duration on orbit 1 year

Bartolomeo All-in-one Mission Service

  • Payload Mission Manager for guidance through agency acceptance and safety reviews 
  • Final payload tests, integration and installation on the launcher 
  • Launch
  • Installation on Bartolomeo Platform 
  • Payload-Bartolomeo interface 
  • Operation interface via the Airbus Cloud Console 
  • Data Delivery 
  • End of Life Disposal 
Bartolomeo all-in-one Mission Service
Extra Options:  
  • Up to 2 TB/day data provision via Bartolomeo’s own optical link (laser comm) 
  • Payload development consultancy 
  • Payload return to Earth 

Bartolomeo Key Facts

Bartolomeo Platform Use Cases

The Bartolomeo payload hosting platform is suitable for many types of missions, including Earth observation, environmental and climate research, robotics, material sciences and astrophysics 

Advanced Materials & Manufacturing 

  • Material testing 
  • In-space manufacturing 

Remote Sensing & Monitoring 

  • Remote sensing 
  • Astrophysics and heliophysics 
  • Atmospheric research 
  • Space weather 

Technology Development & Testing 

  • On-Orbit Assembly for Exploration  
  • Robotics Testing  
  • In-orbit testing 
  • Propulsion Testing  
  • Spacecraft Deployment 

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