Research & Development

The space environment, and in particular the absence of gravity, can be a game-changing factor for research &  development. Imagine a world without sedimentation, combustion, convection or phase separation.

By studying your product, and its materials and processes in space, you can improve understanding of the chemical and physical processes. This enables you derive new models that you can use on Earth to improve your product or even develop a new product.  

In-Orbit Demonstration and Verification (IOD/IOV)

The space environment is one of the harshest environments we know. Newly developed technology, products, and services need to be thoroughly tested and demonstrated before they can become operational. Provide IOD and IOV services to companies, or use existing services and laboratories to qualify your own product.

In-Space Manufacturing

There are various reasons to manufacture in space:

  • Microgravity conditions allow for the production of goods that could not otherwise be produced on Earth.
  • Space-infrastructure requires maintenance and the on-demand production of spare parts in space is more sustainable.
  • Manufacturing in space means overcoming design restrictions that would otherwise be imposed by having to fit your payload into a rocket.

Mission Support Services

With ever more ambitious crewed exploration missions to the Moon and beyond, there are increasing opportunities to provide services in support of such exploration missions:

  • Spare part production and delivery
  • In-space servicing and maintenance
  • In-space assembly and construction
  • Resupply cargo missions