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    • Lunar Logistics Services SAS (LLS) & Astrobotic
    • In-Orbit Demonstration and Verification,
    • Testing & Qualification,
    • Lunar Surface,
  • The Moon
  • Lunar Lander
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Service Description

Lunar Logistics Services and Astrobotic pick up your shipment from anywhere in Europe at your doorstep, they take care of everything for you and deliver on the Moon.

“Deliver your payload to the Moon for the best price !” – quote from Lunar Logistics Services and Astrobotic

The service includes:

  • The pickup of the payload anywhere in Europe
  • The administrative formalities
  • The flight to the Moon and the delivery of the payload to the surface of the Moon
  • The insurance of the payload (from pickup to launch)
  • Data from the payload operations on the Moon

The service is available to any customers worldwide, anyone who wants to test a technology or fly an experiment to the Moon.

The Partners Description

  • Astrobotic Technology Inc. for the delivery on the Moon ( Astrobotic is a US Lunar logistics and space robotics company and a NASA Commercial Lunar Payload Services CLPS provider. Astrobotic is an experienced lunar payload integration and service provider. It is under contract to deliver large, high contractual value, diverse, and complex set of payloads to the Moon.
  • European logistics companies to ship the payloads to Astrobotic in the US.

Payload Delivery on the Moon Requirements to Use the Service


The customers tell what kind of device or product they would like to send to the Moon. The partners (Lunar Logistics Services and Astrobotic) provide an end-to-end delivery service and support multiple payload types, including stationary instruments, rovers, ascent vehicles, and satellites deployed in lunar orbit. They can even partner with brands big and small for especially stellar marketing opportunities.

Use cases: Scientific Instruments, Satellites & Rovers, Research & Development, Brand Promotion, Data, Art Social & Education, Personal Keepsake

Where to?

Their missions support payload delivery to a variety of destinations. If the users only need help leaving Earth’s gravity, they can provide the payload with a trans-lunar injection or deliver it to lunar orbit. If the users want to land on the lunar surface, their landers can carry it all the way down. They can integrate tech with one of their rovers to shuttle the customers across the regolith.

Destinations: Lunar Orbit, Lunar Surface, Delivery on a Rover

Lunar Orbit

The services provide desired orbit parameters.

Payload Development

Payload to be hosted on the spacecraft or Payload to be deployed into lunar orbit

Payload Details

Users’ payload size and mass will affect the dynamics of the entire spacecraft, so knowing these properties gives the service providers a sense of where the payload will be attached to the lander or rover.

Parameters to be provided: Mass (kg), Size (mm), Payload Requirements Communications (kbps), Power (watts), Thermal Control (Normal operational temperatures are typically between -30°C and 60°C)

Description of Your Mission & Contact Details

In order to finalise the details of planning for the mission, customers will need to fill out their contact information.

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