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Service Description

Our mission is to make space exploration affordable, available and open.

To realize this mission, The Exploration Company develops, manufactures and operates Nyx, a modular and reusable orbital vehicle that can eventually be refuelled in orbit. The technical bricks of Nyx are built with open interfaces: they are available on a SpaceStore to enable space & non-space companies to use them and develop new applications.

Nyx Demo Flight 2024

When our Demo Mission launches in 2024, we want to bring your organisation to space with us. Nyx will be designed with you, placing our pioneering partners and their needs at the core of our DNA. For us, it is about unleashing the potential of space for a new generation of both space and non-space players.

The Exploration Company is committed to democratizing access to space – on Earth, in orbit and beyond.


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In-Orbit Demonstration

Demonstrate your technologies in space before you scale production on Earth or bring your technology to the Moon (or deeper) – with the option to bring your technologies back to Earth and check your results.


Create, grow and observe new varieties of plants and foods in microgravity to promote greater resilience and less water usage for Earth sustainability.

Pharma, Biotech & Medical Research

Organoids & Stem Cells
Grow and observe organoids and stem cells in microgravity to leverage the natural and uniform growth environment, the higher survival rates or the imporoved crystallization.

Understand tumor micro-environments using organoids, increase drug efficacy by understanding structural biology, increase shelf life of drugs through better biomaterial stability, improve radiation treatments enabled by space radiation and improve drug delivery by microgravity-enabled encapsulation techniques.


Develop new materials in microgravity: ZBLAN, semiconductors, complex membranes, etc.

3D Printing
Test and master 3D printing in microgravity to develop 3D printing techniques for manufacturing during space travels, on the Moon and on Mars.

Entertainment, Product Placement & Human Emotions

Explore the potentials of microgravity in unleashing human emotions. Advertise and market your products (e.g. luxury products, wines, watches), push the boundaries in the creation of art (e.g. music, film, visual art) and take your business from global to universal.

Beauty Care

The faster speed at which we age in microgravity (e.g. muscle wastage, bone density decrease) allows for enhanced studies of human ageing, and testing of anti-ageing treatments / cosmetics.

Enhance structuring of formulas for proteins, polypeptides and other larger molecules; enhance the delivery of active ingredients through superior coating and micro-encapsulation techniques; accelerate the discovery of new formulas, etc.


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Download the slides from our joint webinar with The Exploration Company on 2nd February 2022.

The Exploration Company is incubated in the ESA BIC in Bavaria where they get start-up support and access to the expertise and wide network of ESA.

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