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Service Description

Goonhilly now has the capability to support the exploration of Lunar and Deep Space for institutions and private enterprise. Modifications done to our 32 m and 30 m antennas to be compatible with NASA & ESA’s Deep Space Network allows a cost-effective access to communications and ranging services to beyond GEO (geostationary orbit) spacecraft. The flexible design to these large antennas allows customers’ proprietary systems to also be supported.

We provide communications links for space agencies and commercial exploration organisations to their Deep Space missions including:

– Lunar and cis-lunar coms and navigation
– Mars
– L1, L2 Lagrange points
– Earth-orbiting missions
– Other solar-system missions

With two large antennas already established in the UK, we are about to deploy multiple antennas around the world to create the first global private deep space network. We work closely in collaboration with ESA to ensure that all our systems are fully qualified and type-approved to support ESA and NASA missions.

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