Day 1: 12 July - Space For Inspiration Programme

9:30 Introduction and Welcoming

9:40 Opening Speeches - Recorded Videos

Josef Aschbacher Space For Inspiration Speaker

Josef Aschbacher

Director General

European Space Agency (ESA)

Geraldine Naja Space For Inspiration Speaker

Geraldine Naja

Director of Commercialisation, Industry and Procurement

European Space Agency (ESA)

10:00 Keynote - Ensuring Earth is NOT our Final Frontier

Ed Gillespie Space For Inspiration Speaker

Ed Gillespie

Environmental Entrepreneur, Author and Futurenaut

10:50 LEO Economy Round Table

Jorgen Bru

Commercial Services Manager – Boost!

European Space Agency (ESA) – Directorate of Space Transportation

Donatella Ponziani

Head of ESA Commercialisation Gateway and Market Intelligence

European Space Agency (ESA) – Commercial, Industry and Procurement Directorate

Mario Cardano

Marketing and Sales Manager

Thales Alenia Space

11:30 - 12:00 Coffee Break

12:05 Keynote - Circular Economy on Earth
Pieter Van Exter Space For Inspiration Speaker

Pieter Van Exter

Lead Sustainable Industries


12:40 In-Situ Resource Utilisation Presentation
13:15 Group Photo
13:20 - 14:15 Lunch Break

14:15 Workshops
Workshop 1: Lunar Economy

Lunar Workshop Agenda

14:15 Introduction to lunar workshop by ESA, Massimo Sabbatini (moderator) and Francesco Liucci (workshop organizer)

14:25 Celebrating early success story: Lunar Pathfinder by SSTL (Nelly Offord)

14:35 Introduction to the LCNS Call for ideas and elevator pitch session – Francesco Liucci

14:40 Elevator Pitch session (60sec)

    • Pitch #1: Lunar Objects and Activities Registry by Open Lunar Foundation
    • Pitch #2: ROSLight – Gateway for robotic lunar missions by VisionSpace Technologies GmbH
    • Pitch #3: LUNARS: LUNar Autonomous Robotic Swarms by Spaceclick S.r.l.
    • Pitch #4: SILVER DOT by Spaceclick S.r.l.
    • Pitch #5: EUROHAB Secondary Habitat and Science Platform as payload for EL3 on the lunar surface by Spartan Space
    • Pitch #6: Moon Surface Mapping/MoonMap by CGI
    • Pitch #7: Cloud on the Moon by CGI
    • Pitch #8: OPS-SAT version of Open Lunar Robot with use of LCNS by Marcin Wilk

15:00 Introduction to the Announcement of Opportunity (AO) for Lunar payload delivery services by ESA, Alexandre Meurisse

15:05 Pitch session from Lunar payload delivery services AO respondents

    • pitch #1: OHB
    • pitch #2: ispace
    • pitch #3: Logistics Services/Astrobotic
    • pitch #4: Space Apps/Intuitive Machine
    • pitch #5: Exploration Company

15:40 Introduction to the ESA Lunar Robotic Challenge by ESA, Massimo Sabbatini

15:45 Panel discussion with

    • ESA, European Large Logistic Lander (EL3), Argonaut (William Carey)
    • NASA, Commercial Lunar Payload Services (Chris Culbert)
    • Telespazio, Lunar Communication and Navigation System (LCNS) (Marco Brancati)
    • SSTL, Lunar Communication and Navigation System (LCNS) (Nelly Offord)
    • PricewaterhouseCoopers (PwC) (Paolo Ariaudo)

16:45 Closing remarks and end of the lunar workshop

Workshop 2: Automated LEO Platforms

In this workshop (only available for onsite participants):

  • Discover the commercial ecosystem for automated LEO Platforms in Europe
  • Get to know about the automated / uncrewed LEO platforms providers, their timeline, capabilities and unique selling propositions
  • Meet the potential service providers for such platforms and listen to their lessons learned from their ISS experience
  • The potential demand to conduct research in these platforms will be presented (ESA and non-ESA institutional and market-driven)
16:45 - 17:00 Coffee Break

17:15 Moonlight - Lunar Communication and Navigation Services (LCNS) Call for Ideas

Fabrice Joly

Head of Future Telecom Programme Consolidation Section

European Space Agency (ESA) – Telecom and Integrated Applications Directorate (TIA)

Bernhard Hufenbach

Lead Commercialization and Innovation Team

European Space Agency (ESA) – Human and Robotic Exploration Directorate (HRE)

Javier Ventura-Traveset

Head of Science Office in the Strategy and Programme Department

European Space Agency (ESA) – Directorate of Navigation

18:00 Networking Reception

19:00 End First Day

Day 2: 13 July - Space For Inspiration Programme

9:00 Introduction & Welcoming

9:10 BSGN Industry Accelerators and CASE Call Round Table

Marie Laure Gouzy

Project Manager

MEDES – Institute for Space Medicine and Physiology

Markus Häuser


Space Cooperative Europe – SCE

Hamid Soorghali

Strategy Consultant

Satellite Applications Catapult

Elena Razzano

ARTES Application Engineer

European Space Agency (ESA) – Commercial Applications Enabled by Space Environments (CASE)

10:00 Commercial Service Providers Round Table

Nelly Offord (Lunar Pathfinder Mission)

Business Line Manager - Exploration at Surrey Satellite Technology Ltd (SSTL)

Hilde Stenuit (ICE Cubes Facilities)

ICE Cubes Business Development - Space Application Services

Christian Steimle (BARTOLOMEO Platform)

Program Manager - Airbus Defense and Space

David-Stefano Zolesi (Bioreactor Express)

President - Kayser Space Ltd.

Joshua Western (Space Forge)

CEO & Co-Founder

Daniel Campbell (Space Pharma)

Managing Director

Christian Bruderrek (YURI)

COO and Co-Founder

10:50 Interview with Bernhard Hufenbach
Bernard Hufenbach

Bernhard Hufenbach

Lead of Commercialisation and Innovation Team

Human and Robotic Exploration (ESA)

11:00 - 11:30 Coffee Break

11:30 NASA Artemis Program

Bill Hartwell

Orion Program Office


11:50 "Rock around the Moon" Performance

12:45 - 14:00 Lunch Break

14:00 Workshops
Workshop 3: ESA Way Forward on Post-ISS LEO 2030+

Session 1/2: 14:00 – 15:30 “ESA Way Forward on post-ISS LEO 2030+”


Welcome by David Parker, Director of Human & Robotic Exploration (recorded)

Frank De Winne, LEO Exploration Group Leader, Directorate of Human & Robotic Exploration (HRE)

Alain Conde Reis, Head of Technology Coordination Office, Directorate of Space Transportation (STS)

Q&A with audience

Session 2/2: 16:00 – 16:30 “LEO and cis-Lunar Future Technologies”

3x Pitches live from SpaceTech 2022 (Toulouse), organised by TU Graz


Bernhard Gotthart, Master in Leadership & Business Management (WU Vienna)

Pitch titles:

1. Space Debris Transportation for Lunar Recycling
2. Solar Energy Supply to the Moon
3. Space Tether Transportation System for Orbit Maneuvering

Q&A with audience

Workshop 4: In-Orbit Servicing and Manufacturing by Satellite Applications Catapult

In this workshop we will discuss the challenges that IOSM (In-Orbit Servicing and Manufacturing) present and moreover the opportunities for Europe and allied nations to exploit, both commercially and industrially. We see many challenges in the development of new technologies and their successful role out including the need for control systems, feedback mechanisms, docking and interoperability between different platforms, the transfer of liquids, gases, power, and data. The need for standardisation is key to success adoption, and it is important that Europe is able to lead the definition of such interfaces else we risk becoming dependent on other approaches which may place member states at a disadvantage in both adoption and deployment.

16:30 Audience Round Table

16:45 End of the Conference