The Moonlight Programme supports the development of Lunar Communication and Navigation Services to support Moon Exploration.

Companies in Europe and Canada are asked to express their interest in offering Lunar Communications and Navigation Services to enable sustainable lunar exploration. The ESA is seeking organizations that intend to develop the constellation of lunar satellites or to provide products and technology that are relevant to it.

This Request for Information (RFI) for the Moonlight programme preparation of the ESA Ministerial Council of Nov 2022 is articulated around the two main categories of activities:

  • Category 1 those related to the Private-Public Partnership (PPP) project including all activities required for the full development of the infrastructure needed as well as for the Service provision,
  • Category 2 those related more generically to Technologies and Product activities.

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Take part in the dynamic Lunar Economy. Northern Sky Research’s market analysis predicts that the lunar economy will generate €100 billion, resulting in the creation of jobs and prosperity on Earth.

More than 250 lunar missions are planned for the coming ten years. Transportation, communications, and navigation capabilities are needed for every mission.

You can participate in the Moonlight Programme and become a part of the developing Lunar economy.

The Moonlight Initiative

This Request For Information (RFI) is part of the Moonlight initiative.

The Moonlight Programme is proposing the development of new Communications (Coms) and Navigation (Nav) services around the Moon. The approach relies on a public-private partnership model (PPP), involving the private sector playing a prominent role in developing and operating the system, as well as providing Coms and Nav functions as services on and around the Moon on a commercial basis. The focus is therefore on the Services to be delivered to the Agency, its partner Agencies and any third-party entities willing to procure those services

Moonlight will be part of the ESA proposals due to be approved and funded at the ESA Council of Ministers (CM22) in November.

Get to know more about the Moonlight programme by watching this Industry Space Days Talk given on 29 September.