The fourth commercial Kirara project is currently hosted inside the Facility of the ICE Cubes Service on the International Space Station (ISS) by our commercial Partner Space Applications Services.

Kirara is a reusable incubator for protein crystallisation that was developed by JAMSS (the Japan Manned Space Systems Corporation). A wide range of samples  have been accommodated on the previous 3 Kirara missions flown since 2019.

The Kirara 4 project was launched with the 27th commercial resupply mission of SpaceX (SpX CRS-27) on 15/03/2023 to the ISS.

What is Kirara 4?

This Kirara #4 cube is hosting a number of different samples and projects from 10 clients coming from 3 countries: Hungary, Japan and Korea.

Space for Drug Discovery Research


InnoStudio from Hungary is reflying its covid-19 research to validate the breakthrough results it has had in 2 past Kirara missions.

Space for Academic Research

University Research

Space for Education Projects

Education Project

The AgriFood company Tanagy Sangyo Co Ltd and the  Higashihonmachi Elementary School will send sample of rice seeds to develop children interest in space and agriculture. This project is called the “Kome Tane Space Project 2022-2023

JAMS and the Nippon Travel Agency Co Ltd are hosting the “Space Science Lab – Challenge to make crystals in the real space! ~”. The high school students have studied the space conditions that will lead their samples to become  “larger and more beautiful crystals”.

Space for Inspiring Projects

Inspiring Projects

SoraDayori Studio sent a gold leaf and a SD card containing messages from Space Agencies and Space Business Representatives from Asian countries, with wishes for world peace, love and prosperity, to support the recovery after the Great East Japan Earthquake.

ESA supports commercial activities on the ISS that generate benefits for humanity, such as economic, scientific, educational and inspirational benefits.

Read the Kirara 4 Press Release from JAMSS.