DAY 1 – 18 JANUARY 2024

1) Opening Keynotes

Keynote on the Moonlight Initiative by Francisco-Javier Benedicto Ruiz, Director of Navigation (ESA)




Keynote on Commercialisation and Exploration by Luca Del Monte, Head of Commercialisation Department (ESA)




2) Keynote by Samantha Cristoforetti: Space Summit and LEO Cargo Return Service




3) Next Generation of Lunar Payload Services 

ispace and its pioneering role in the Earth-Moon ecosystem: the story of the 1st commercial mission to the Moon – Charlotte Nassey, Senior Government Affairs & Policy Officer (ispace)




Astrobotic Technology & Lunar Logistic Services: PEREGRINE and the first mission launch – Philippe Watillon, Founder & Chief Executive Officer (Lunar Logistic Services)


03 - LUNAR LOGISTICS Philippe Watillon


4) Future Market: an overview on three key trends

4.1) Keynotes: Commercial services for life science research and production in LEO

Yuri: Elevating the Growth of Commercial LEO Life Science & Manufacturing Markets – Felix Steiner, Space Access Lead (Yuri)


01 - YURI Felix Steiner


Bioreactor Express Service – David Stefano Zolesi, Managing Director & President (Kayser Space Ltd)




ICE Cubes Service, Hilde Stenuit, Business Developer & Scientist Lead (Space Applications Services NV/SA)


03 - ICE CUBES Hilde Stenuit
Keynotes: Refuelling for transportation in LEO and beyond


4.2) Keynotes: Refuelling for transportation in LEO and beyond

Air Liquide refuelling: from terrestrial experience to in-orbit operations – Bertrand Baratte, Director of Space Market for Global Market & Technologies (Air Liquide)


04 - AIR LIQUIDE Bertrand Baratte


Orbit Fab Limited: How Refuelling Will Advance the Final Frontier – Manny Shar, Managing Director (Orbit Fab)


05 - ORBIT FAB Manny Shar


5) Accelerating demand for future LEO and Lunar Markets

MEDES: Life Science and Health Industry Accelerator – Adeline Martin, Business Developer and Project Manager (MEDES – Institute for Space Medicine and Physiology)


01 - MEDES Adeline Martin


Project presentation: Prometheus Life Technologies – Raphael Roettgen, CEO (Prometheus Life Technologies)

02 - PROMETHEUS Raphael Roettgen


SCE: Agriculture and Food Industry Accelerator – Markus Häuser, Chief Executive Officer (Space Cooperative Europe SCE)


Project presentation: Sophie’s BioNutrients – Eugene Wang, Co-Founder & Chief Executive Officer (Sophie’s BioNutrients)



Satellite Applications Catapult: Advanced Materials and In-orbit manufacturing Industry Accelerator – Hamid Soorghali, Senior Strategy Consultant (Satellite Applications Catapult)

05 - ORBIT FAB Manny Shar


Project presentation: DCUBED – Thomas Sinn, Chief Executive Officer & Founder (DCUBED)


05 and 06 - CATAPULT and DCUBED


ESRIC: Space Resources Industry Accelerator – Alexander Godlewski, Business Accelerator Officer in Space Resources (ESRIC – European Space Resources Innovation Centre)

07 - ESRIC


6) Commercialisation and Globalisation in Lunar Exploration

6.1) Presentation of Chandrayaan-3: Indian plans and success in Lunar Exploration by Jatan Mehta, Independent Space & Moon Exploration Writer (Jatan’s Space)




6.2) Panel Discussion – Lunar Economy: What’s the Vision? With representatives from TU Wien, Qosmosys, EURO2MOON, and Jatan Mehta

Jatan’s Space: Jatan Mehta, Independent Space & Moon Exploration Writer


05 - lunar-economy-vision-jatan-mehta-esa-space-for-inspiration-2024


Qosmosys: Francois Dubrulle, CEO

03 - QOSMOSYS Commercialisation and Globalisation in Lunar Exploration ESA ESTEC 180124


EURO2MOON: Julien-Alexandre Lamamy, Vice President


04- E2M' ESASpace4Inspiration_E2M


TU Wien: Sandra Haeuplik-Meusburger, Academic Director of the EMBA Space Architecture

02 - SpaceforInspiration_TUWien_2

DAY 2 – 19 JANUARY 2024

1) LEO Free-Flyer Platforms

Nyx Earth capsule with return capability – Stefan Zeller, Bid- and Account Manager (The Exploration Company)


01 - The Exploration Company_- Stefan Zeller - Space_Demo_Space for Inspiration


Phoenix Return Capsule – Sebastian Klaus, Chief Executive Officer (Atmos Space Cargo)

02 - ATMOS Space Cargo 240118
Keynote on Commercialisation and Exploration by Luca Del Monte, Head of Commercialisation Department (ESA)


Europe’s first reusable space transportation system – Fabio Caramelli, Space Rider System Payload & Exploitation Manager (ESA)


03 - ESA Space Rider - Fabio Caramelli - Space For Inspiration 2024 - Vo.3 final


Key market opportunities for LEO Free-Flyers – Jose Salgado, Chief Marketing Officer (Space Commerce Matters)


05 - SCM- Jose Salgado - Space for Inspiration - final


ForgeStar platform for microgravity production, research, and experimentation needs – Joshua Western, Chief Executive Officer & Co-Founder (Space Forge)


06 - Space Forge - Space for Inspiration - Slides PPT 1080 FHD

2) Lunar Communication & Navigation

2.1) Keynotes

General introduction to the session topics & Presentation of Terrae Novae – Brice Dellandrea, System Engineer on Moonlight Lunar Pathfinder and LCNS (ESA)


01 - Space4Inspiration _ Lunar Communications and Navigation _ Introduction


Moonlight Lunar Pathfinder – Philip Davies, Lunar Communications Business Development (Surrey Satellite Technology Ltd)


02 - SSTL Lunar - ESTEC Jan 2024 V3


CLPS missions with a focus on CS3 – Ahmed Fadl, Integration Manager – Commercial Lunar Payload Services (NASA)


03 - CLPS CS-3 Space for Inspiration_Jan 18-19 2024


Ground Segment Commercialisation Opportunities – Mehran Sarkarati, Senior Ground Systems Strategy and Commercialisation Manager (ESA)


04 - Ground segment commercialisation opportunities_final

2.2) Roundtable on Future Lunar Communication and Navigation Services and their interoperability

Overall status of LCNS with a focus on Lunar Economy Applications – Fabrice Joly, Head of Future Telecom Programme Consolidation Section (ESA)


05 - Moonlight_LCNS_S4I_2024_Fabrice Joly


Overall status of LNSS and perspectives from JAXA – Masaya Murata, Lunar PNT Lead for Japan Lunar Navigation Satellite System (LNSS) (JAXA – Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency)


06 - Masaya_Murata_JAXA_presentation


Moonlight Lunar Navigation: a change of paradigm for lunar exploration – Javier Ventura-Traveset, Navigation Science Manager (ESA)


07 - Moonlight_LCNS_S4I_2024_Javier Ventura Traveset

3) Towards a Sustainable Lunar Presence using In-Situ Resources

3.1) Presentations

General introduction and overview of space resources opportunities at ESA – Victoria Schein, YGT in Space Resources Engineering (ESA)



***** initiative – Bob Lamboray, Senior Project Manager (Luxembourg Space Agency)


SRlu update Space4Inspiration_final Bob L.


Lunar Habit Masterplan, a groundbreaking modular moon base concept – Xavier De Kestelier, Head of Design (Hassell) & James Golding, Technical Director in Character Tech (Epic Games)




The moon facility at Spaceport Rostock, Europe’s largest private lunar test facility – Lucas Lasse Hansen, Mechanical Design Engineer & PhD Student (Planetary Transportation Systems)


Lasse_Hansen - Spaceport Rostock

4) Investment Opportunities

Sophie’s BioNutrients: Microalgae research on the ISS to improve indoor farming on Earth – Eugene Wang, Co-Founder & Chief Executive Officer


Sophie's Bionutrients - BSGN Agrifood Accelerator Presentation Jan 2024 (4 min pitch)


BioOrbit: In-space production of protein crystals to develop novel drug formulations – Katie King, Chief Executive Officer & Co-Founder




Coreod Space: VR-based mental health protocols for Astronauts at long duration missions – Elise Jabès, Chief Executive Officer, and Kheira Mbouyom, Head of Finance & Strategy




Space Villages: Robotic spacecraft to use in orbit for deployment, installation and transferring large scale structures and assisting astronauts – Natalia Lemarquis, Space Senior Executive (Space Villages)


S4I_EVENT_Space Villages_Short_Pitch Deck_6 Slides

5) Inspirational Talk & Closing Session

Tiffany Vora, Vice Chair of Digital Biology & Medicine at Singularity University