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MEDES is a hybrid organization between space and health, an Economic Group of Interest, which was created in 1989 by the French Space Agency, CNES and Toulouse University Hospitals, its two main members. The other members include other French hospitals and universities. Activities are focused on space physiology and medicine, clinical research and innovations between space and health, especially for eHealth.

MEDES overview

Space mission activities

Space Mission Activities at Medes
Space Mission Activities at Medes

MEDES supports CNES and ESA for the medical follow-up of astronauts before, during and after their crewed mission at EAC. In addition, MEDES provides operational support to CNES/CADMOS for ISS experiments in the field of physiology and medicine. CADMOS is the Center for the development of microgravity activities and space operations. In this CNES operational structure, scientists can prepare and operate a large variety of experiments in microgravity, on board the International Space Station (ISS) and the Airbus A 300 Zero-G. Therefore, MEDES staff contributes and ensures the development, validation and operational monitoring of French and global experiments related to physiology.

Clinical research

In the field of clinical research, MEDES operates a clinical research infrastructure called MEDES Space Clinic. This 1,000 m2 facility located in the premises of the Toulouse University hospital is operated both for research for the space and non-space fields in particular for significant international studies. In the field of space, MEDES is internationally recognized for clinical studies simulating the effects of weightlessness (bed rest or dry immersion studies) to evaluate countermeasures.

Innovations for health

Clinical Research at Medes
Clinical Research at Medes

In the field of innovations between space and health, MEDES provides expertise and services to accelerate health innovations thanks to the links with space assets (e.g. sat-based services or data) or with space challenges related to human space exploration. MEDES has coordinated and participated in several R&D projects for ESA or CNES related to medical aspects and potential biomedical innovations to prepare future human spaceflights. In parallel, MEDES has developed a strong expertise in eHealth and digital health innovations, especially for situations or areas, where satellite communications can be of particular interest.

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