The new frontier of innovation

Advances in space technology are bringing a new wave of innovations as the demand for data grows exponentially while the cost of access to space, and by extension to data, falls by orders of magnitude.

Investment opportunities are enabling a wide-ranging transformative technology shift for a broad range of industries from agriculture to biotech, manufacturing and pharmaceutical.

These and other sectors will benefit hugely from high-speed product delivery and more profitable and sustainable forms of production as ever more down-to-earth activities stem from satellite signals and data spark a flurry of complementary innovations.

(Promising innovations and new space technology systems are coming of age, including small and micro satellites, mega-constellations of hundreds of satellites, small launchers, broadband and internet of- things from space, among others.)

BSGN Agriculture & Food Accelerator

AGRICULTURE AND FOODINDUSTRY ACCELERATORSpace Cooperative Europe (SCE²) presents the Agriculture and Food Industry Accelerator. Its aim is to offer new [...]