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Space for Inspiration is an awe-inspiring B2B annual gathering that unites visionaries, entrepreneurs, innovators, and investors at the forefront of commercial space exploration. Prepare to immerse yourself in a celestial symphony of ideas, discoveries, and groundbreaking ventures that will ignite the imagination of even the most passionate space enthusiasts.

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Space for Inspiration 2022

In previous edition, we discussed the growing lunar economy and the various new business opportunities that are emerging as a result of the space industry’s advances. We learned from top industry experts about commercialisation initiatives in space, such as satellite launches, in-orbit servicing and manufacturing, space resources utilisation, space tourism, and other space-related projects.

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Reaching New Heights in Transportation

The market for crew and cargo transportation is becoming increasingly competitive, with Europe taking an active role in developing its own capabilities.

How do we envision the increasing competition in the space transportation market impacting the overall accessibility and affordability of space travel? With the emergence of private space companies, what role do we see them playing in shaping the future of space transportation?

The Future Beyond ISS

What will be the fate of the ISS and its modules after decommissioning? How can we leverage the knowledge and technology gained from the ISS for future space missions? What can we expect from Commercial Space Stations? And which role will private space companies play in shaping the future of space exploration?

Lunar Pathfinder Moon Orbit

Moonlight - Connecting the Moon

How can we establish a reliable and sustainable communication infrastructure on the Moon to support future missions and exploration? What are the potential applications and benefits of lunar connectivity in the areas of scientific research, resource utilization, and potential human settlements on the Moon?

The Rise of the Lunar Economy

Increasing numbers of both institutional and commercial lunar missions are targeting our closest friend, the Moon, ushering in a new era of lunar exploration.

What are the ways in which Moonlight can be used to connect to the Moon? What role does Space Resources play in enabling lunar exploration? What type of applications and services can we expect to see?

ESA - P. Carril

Investing in the LEO and Lunar Economy

Increasing amounts of private capital are flowing into the LEO and Lunar Economy worldwide, including Europe. New opportunities are arising in transportation, commercial stations, and the overall development of new markets where new applications and commercial research are driving innovation.

What are the best ways for investors to capitalize on the growing market for space exploration technologies, services, and solutions?  When evaluating the potential return on investment and risk profile of such ventures, what factors should investors consider? How does the current funding landscape for users look?

ESA's Industry Accelerators 

How can entrepreneurs and businesses effectively leverage industry accelerators to access funding, expertise, and valuable networks to propel their space-related ventures forward?

Meet the BSGN Industry Accelerators and learn more about how to connect with these markets:

  • Advanced Materials and In-Orbit Manufacturing
  • Agriculture and Food
  • Life Sciences, Biotech, Pharma
  • Space Resources