29 July - 1 August 2024 | ISSRDC 2024

Hosted by CASIS, NASA, and AAS, the ISS Research and Development Conference (ISSRDC) examines how to use the International Space Station (ISS) and space environments to address important research and development concerns. Attend the ISS Research and Development Conference to learn about the trailblazers advancing basic research, STEM education, and R&D objectives. Take part in flash presentations, panel discussions, and technical sessions that highlight cutting edge research on board the space station.

Where: Boston Marriott Copley Place, Massachusetts (USA)

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3-6 September 2024 | ELGRA Conference - Biennial Symposium & General Assembly

Liverpool is set to host the 2024 European Low Gravity Research Association Symposium, the first time in the UK’s history. Organized jointly by ELGRA and the UK’s Space Academic Network (SPAN), the event showcases the UK’s space prowess and highlights innovative low gravity research. Liverpool’s rich scientific landscape, including projects at Liverpool John Moores University and the University of Liverpool, makes it an ideal host. Club Liverpool, with Abbey Conferences and Events, played a crucial role in securing this historic event, ensuring a memorable experience for attendees in September 2024.

Where: Liverpool (UK)

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19-21 November 2024 | Space Tech Expo Europe 2024

At Space Tech Expo Europe, maximise the potential of your space projects. Make crucial connections, engage with elite exhibitors, and learn about important industry subjects at our thought-provoking seminars. Join professionals in the field who found the event vital for identifying novel strategies, establishing alliances, and investigating state-of-the-art technologies, such as Jean-Benoit Jalliot of Thales DMS. Plan your visit now to take advantage of this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity for transformation.

Where: Congress Bremen (DE)

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4-5 December 2024 | ESA BSGN Conference on Commercial Space Exploration - Space for Inspiration

Space for Inspiration is an awe-inspiring B2B annual gathering that unites visionaries, entrepreneurs, innovators, and investors at the forefront of commercial space exploration. Prepare to immerse yourself in a celestial symphony of ideas, discoveries, and groundbreaking ventures that will ignite the imagination of even the most passionate space enthusiasts. More details for this edition will be out soon!

Where: Luxembourg (LU)

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